Why You Should Keep the Office

Why You Should Keep the Office

What Bosses Really Think About Returning to the Office

Most people love their jobs. And now, thanks to technology, they’ve likely started to love the office even more.

But we’ve all been in the office at some point or another. That’s when we’ve seen both sides of the coin. Not only have we had the highs and lows of being in the office, we’ve also been subject to those in the office.

It’s often the case that we’ve been the recipient of one or two office anecdotes, but we rarely see the perspectives of bosses on returning to the office as an employee.

For some, being in the office doesn’t mean being part of the team. It just means working alongside a bunch of people you can pick up a beer with.

And this is entirely fine. When those moments are few and far between for the ‘average day’, it makes that time even more valuable, and more enjoyable.

This is not however, the reality for many employers.

After all, these days you can get anything, from a cheap, inebriated hire to the most expensive and elite of staff, with a little bit of time and effort on your part.

Whether it’s time off to attend a wedding, or time spent on self-development courses, the possibilities for the future are endless.

What’s not as easy to turn up, is the actual experience of working in the same office as the people who are working for you.

With a growing number of people working remotely and telecommuting, the only way to really get to know your team is to show up in person.

What You Do Away From Work

There are three main areas that you might consider when deciding if you should keep the office.

Your Work Philosophy:

Do you believe that having an office is important? Do you see it as a place where you can have face-to-face meetings, a place where your team can have ‘office hours’ and discuss office-related topics – or does it all just feel too similar to work and life from home?

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