Tyler Baldwins Sues the School, Armourer, Prop Master and the Man Who Made the AR-15

Tyler Baldwins Sues the School, Armourer, Prop Master and the Man Who Made the AR-15

Baldwin sues ‘Rust’ armorer, weapons supplier, assistant director and prop master

Baldwin High School senior, Tyler Baldwins, is suing his former teacher and the school’s armorer, the weapons supplier, the assistant director and the prop master over the school’s purchase of high-performance AR-15 rifles, which are used for shooting massacres at Columbine, Virginia Tech, Oak Creek, Littleton, Ohio State and elsewhere. Tyler, who also holds a concealed weapons permit, also wants money for the costs associated with the shooting.

In a suit filed in the U.S. District Court in Utah on Friday, the 19-year-old says he will sue the school, arms supplier, the company that designed the rifles and people in the school’s administration over the school’s purchase of the rifles.

Tyler is suing not only his teacher, but also the school’s Armourer, the Prop Master and the man who made the AR-15, even though he is claiming that he didn’t know he was a student at the school. Tyler is also suing the school over its financial losses caused by the lawsuit.

A man who made weapons for both the U.S. and Utah military and who had previously worked with the school’s armorer tells us he knows exactly who is at fault in the lawsuit. He says you have to look to the upper-level school administration, but it is not he who was at fault in the lawsuit.

The arms supplier says Tyler has his facts wrong.

“This sounds like a pretty crazy lawsuit to me,” says the man who has helped the school, but is not a plaintiff in the suit, “He’s the plaintiff, not me.”

The arms supplier says he is not surprised that the lawsuit is going forward.

“They’ve got a couple of lawyers who are pretty good,” the man says. “My only advice is to just settle and go away.”

The man is not involved in manufacturing or designing rifles. He is just a contract employee who helps the school make school equipment.

Neither the Armourer, the Prop Master, the arms supplier, nor Tyler, nor anyone else connected with the school are in the Utah courthouse in Salt Lake City.

Both Tyler and the arms supplier declined to comment for this article.

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, which

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