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The Women Who Won the Battle of Genghis and Chinggis

The Women Who Won the Battle of Genghis and Chinggis

An action spectacle built around true story of female warriors who saved the world.

It began one summer night in the year of 1314 and for most of the rest of time it has remained a mystery. The battle between the armies of Genghis and Chinggis is considered to be the single fiercest battle in human history, and what set it off? How did a handful of women manage to lead armies? How did they win? What was it about female warriors that made them stand out from the rest?

After several years of intense speculation and speculation, the answer finally began to emerge. While Genghis Khan and his army swept across Asia in the middle of the 13th century, his wife Hang Ten was tasked with bringing supplies and a few women as well as a few men, led by one called Zhang Taiji, from the Mongolian side. By the time they reached the Chinese border, they had only 1,000 troops, but they had with them a remarkable force of women.

At this point in the story, most people would assume that since there were only 1,000 Mongolians at the Chinese border, they would have lost. However, as Zhang Taiji and his force of female warriors began to press up behind them, Genghis Khan began to realize that his plans had changed; he had decided that in order to complete his conquest of China, he needed more men and needed to use the resources he had as much as possible. At this point he sent a large Mongol force across the border to reinforce his forces, where they fought with great ferocity and skill. Zhang Taiji and the women of his force continued on to China’s capital to confront the men, eventually winning the battle.

From this point, the story has gone on to be told in the West by hundreds of writers over four centuries, with each telling the story in his or her own way. Of course the details of Zhang Taiji’s life and the story he told have evolved considerably along this time period. As the history of the story has unfolded, we have seen women in every nation of Europe and the Americas, including Scotland, Japan, Korea, China, Russia, the U.S., Brazil and the U.K. However as it has come

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