The View: Angela Lansbury

The View: Angela Lansbury

Letters to the Editor: Angela Lansbury, the actress you really wanted to work with

I have just read the following review of the performance of Angela Lansbury on The View. I agree with her opinion:

After the recent terrorist attacks, my first thought was that I wished the country had an actress who could play Lenny Bruce’s daughter rather than Lenny Bruce himself, but Angela Lansbury’s voice is so deeply resonant, there’s a sweetness to it. She was certainly better than the other actor my husband and I watched with her on the DVD commentary, who sounded like she was a young Michael Richards: “And he’s trying to make a point about how great it is to see Michael Richards with his head up his ass.”

I watched Lansbury’s performance of Bruce’s daughter, and it was her version of this beautiful woman that made me laugh more than I had in a long time.

I have no idea why you did not get on the telecast. I’m guessing it must have come up at an off-the-air moment. You were not one of those people who are always on the telecast.

I’m sorry you have to suffer because of it. I agree that Lansbury was better at the role than Michael Richards — though I think Richards was better than Robert Beltran in the role. But that was another example of how the telecast, on which you always sit, has changed.

For a long time they only accepted people who did not come up with their own jokes and had done nothing better.

I’m looking at the performance of Lansbury you posted, and thinking, “We’d do this differently.” But don’t see how. You can’t tell me the telecast wasn’t in good enough shape when you took over the program because the program is better than it was before you took over.

I’m not surprised that the network agreed

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