The Trump Brand Will Kill Our Small-town Traditions

The Trump Brand Will Kill Our Small-town Traditions

Many Flags but No Ivanka Trump

A small town in New Jersey is going to Trump Tower Tuesday night to honor the woman who gave Donald Trump’s first presidential campaign his name. I’m not sure why, but the town of Ridgefield chose Ivanka Trump. There are three Trump towers. I’m confused.

What you may have heard is that the first was Donald Trump’s “personal office,” the “Trump Tower,” but the second one is not. It’s a Trump International Hotel. The third is Trump Tower, the convention center that the president-elect uses for his rallies. That Trump International Hotel is named after Donald Trump, too. His name was already written on a plaque in a conference room attached to it during his inauguration.

There’s no question that the town should have named the Trump International Hotel after his wife, not his daughter. The name of the Trump International Hotel is consistent with the theme of the new convention center that will soon house the convention to honor Ivanka. There was no shortage of convention centers in New Jersey that could have been named after the First Daughter. But no. The town’s small-town spirit, which is quite beautiful in the best of ways, is now a target of the Trump brand. The Trump brand will forever change a town and its beauty into a brand.

The town must suffer.

I didn’t see this development coming. I didn’t anticipate the end of small-town traditions. Like putting up their own flag.

I’ve always been amazed at my country’s willingness to recognize our history. I live here. I am American. I remember going to school in New Jersey in the 1940s. The flag was still flying at our school. But I didn’t think much about it. I thought of it as part of a larger American national history. I never thought about the flag as a state flag. I thought of it as part of our national history.

But this is not so. Every day this is happening all over America, by people who know better, who think better, who know they are the “voice of reason.” They are calling for the death of our state flag without so much as a pause. And without realizing that this is exactly what they want. This is why

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