The Oaxacan Nation is a Democrat

The Oaxacan Nation is a Democrat

Letters to the Editor: A “short brown’ Oaxacan was Mexico’s greatest president. What say you, Nury Martinez? (June 10)

I don’ think a brown-skinned Oaxacan is Mexico’ s greatest president, but I do believe this one is an incredible human being. (June 11)

The editor of the Oaxacan Nation newspaper, Francisco Hernández, has a long history of activism. Yet, when he was named co-chair of the Citizens’ Council in Oaxaca last month, he felt the need to defend his organization: “You can choose people on a list that doesn’t belong in our streets. (June 12)

I can’t wait to learn about his political views. I have a good faith disagreement about the Citizens’ Council with what he says about us. (June 14)

This is a fascinating development. It demonstrates how far the Oaxacan Nation has come in a short period of time. But it is an ominous sign that the CCC’s new leader’s political ideology does not fit comfortably with the new position he has assumed. (June 18)

This is an alarming development. The president of the Citizens’ Council is an ally of the traditional party in Oaxaca and seems to be against everything which Oaxaca stands for. He is a man that many of us would not want as Mexico City’s mayor. (June 20)

Presidential candidate Martha Erika Murillo should be condemned for her “inherited prejudices.” Her father, Humberto Murillo, fought alongside Fidel Castro against the US backed contra rebels, while later, while serving in the army, he fought for the revolution. (June 26)

As a progressive and a democrat, I have come to know and admire all democratic institutions throughout my life. Yet, as a woman myself, I was appalled by the role of sexism shown by the candidate for the Oaxaca City Council. (June 26)

Martha Erika Murillo should be condemned for her “

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