The Man Who Hit You First Was a Good Day for a Confrontation

The Man Who Hit You First Was a Good Day for a Confrontation

Tell Us About a Moment of Regrettable Rage!

We have to admit we have heard of all kinds of grievances, but what we want to know is what made the situation go from angry and tense to downright murderous in a matter of hours.

Did the man who hit you first really have it coming? Who told you to walk in front of him? Was there really nothing you could have done to avoid this confrontation?

Well, let’s take a closer look at the actual event so you can find out what could possibly have led to such a dangerous scenario unfolding in the real world.

It turns out, it was a good day for a confrontation.

A young man in San Diego, California was walking up the street with his girlfriend when he first bumped into an older Chinese man. The confrontation happened just before 6:30 PM.

The young man, who is named Jonathan Lu, has since been identified as a 29-year-old marketing consultant who was trying to help a disabled woman after his girlfriend became scared by the incident.

Once the two men were around 200 feet away from each other, the first man approached the woman and hit her hard on the side of the head.

When Jonathan was called to help the woman with her back injury, the confrontation turned violent.

It seems that the man attacked Jonathan again when he tried to help him up, and the two men ended up in a physical fight from which Jonathan was able to extricate himself.

The two men were then able to calm down and resume their walk along the street.

The woman suffered a concussion and was hospitalized for more than a day after the incident.

It is unclear if charges will be brought against the men as it is still unclear exactly what happened between the two men that led to a deadly altercation.

However, it isn’t hard to imagine why Jonathan and other witnesses believe the entire thing was an orchestrated “attack,” at least in part, as it appeared to be premeditated and planned.

From the way things went down, it seems like the police would be more than happy to hear the story of an elderly Chinese man who was attacked, not

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