The Best Time to Book Travel Is When You Know It’s Going to Be Cheap

The Best Time to Book Travel Is When You Know It’s Going to Be Cheap

When Is the Best Time to Book Holiday Travel?

The best time to travel is when you know it’s going to be cheap. Many travel bloggers and writers have found that it’s best to travel at peak travel times like in-season and off-peak, which generally means you’ll see a cheaper rate then when you book around the off-season. We’ve all been there: you book a flight to travel someplace you’ve never been to and then your flight is cancelled when the airline wants to save a few bucks on an airplane that’s not running? It’s the worst. I’m sure you can think of a few more, but I want you to get the message: Peak travel times generally mean you’ll see cheaper rates than you would be paying if you booked around the off-season.

I get it. As a travel blogger, I want to cover as much ground as possible without spending a huge amount of money. You want to have the best deals possible but you also want to save some money. I don’t want to spend all this travel planning time thinking, “Well, that was not the best time to book my flight,” when in reality it was the best time to book it. This is why I want you to get the message and find when the best time to book travel is.

There are a few different ways to find out; you can visit the Web and look at the website of the airline you want to fly and see what the average price has been. Or if you fly an international airline, you can look at the website and see how much they’ve been selling it for in-season. You can also check the average price for that airline for the entire year. Sometimes we can see it here on Expedia. But more often than not, it’ll be on the airline’s site.

This doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing; sometimes you can find good deals even with no real information at all. The best time is when there’s a very low average sale price (or average sale price if you don’t see it on the site). That way, you can be confident you’re getting the best price.

Let’s say you want to travel to Europe next week. You pick out

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