Rafael Nadal says he feels good after five months of recovery

Rafael Nadal says he feels good after five months of recovery

Rafael Nadal withdraws from Laver Cup due to ‘personal reasons’

It was an emotional week for Rafael Nadal, who ended his career with a loss to Novak Djokovic. On Saturday, he said he will not play in the singles competition at the Laver Cup in August, due to personal reasons.

Nadal, 47, who won eight Grand Slam titles, has taken time out as his career winds down to deal with family issues.

“I had some personal issues, because I have never been there before in such a critical time, with the passing of my son (Diego) and the death of my daughter (Aurore), at such a young age,” he said.

On the same day, Federer has confirmed he will not play in the Laver Cup singles competition this summer and will return to singles competitions in 2016.

The Swiss player, who won his seventh consecutive Grand Slam title in 2013 at the Australian Open, said his body feels good after a five-month break before the Laver Cup.

“I am happy and I have had a great recovery in the last five months,” he said in the press conference at the O2 Arena on Saturday.

“I will be doing singles all through this summer, until the end of the season. It’s time to go to singles, and I will be training for singles, and then I’ll try to play them. I know I couldn’t get going from all that I did the last five months. So, I have a rest now and it’s time to regroup and get some energy.”

“I’ve had a great rest and I feel really, really good.”

Nadal said he had to move into a new phase of his career and put things in a “fresh perspective” as he looks to build on the momentum he built this year.

“Because there isn’t any need to go again this year,” he said about the possibility of another grand slam title.

“This year is a new year. I have a new season and a new perspective. And it’s a new challenge for me, which makes it very, very difficult. I have to be careful, but if I get a chance, I will do my best and I believe I have the best chance to win.

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