Mary Tyler Moore and Phyllis George: The View

Mary Tyler Moore and Phyllis George: The View

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KHARTOUM, Sudan (CNN) — I don’t usually watch daytime talk shows, but when I did last week, I watched The View with Mary Tyler Moore and Phyllis George.

Before watching this program, I thought I was so sophisticated. The way the host was questioning guest after guest who took offense at everything that was said — including, apparently, herself.

At one point, the co-hosts turned to a woman who had just said something about being “too fat” for the size of her dress.

“There was this little bit where I said, ‘I know you’re overweight, you’re not fat, what are you calling me fat for?’” she said.

“You don’t seem to understand the whole concept of what the word ‘fat’ is.”

“I don’t see what you’re trying to say. I’m not fat,” she said.

As the co-hosts questioned the woman, Phyllis took the high hand: “Now I’ll tell you what you are — you’re fat.”

The woman said, “Oh no, that’s not fair.”

The co-hosts took offense. They weren’t there, of course, but their comments were recorded and sent to the executive producer and show boss, Ellen DeGeneres in New York City. The women were irate.

A show that has become known for its edgy, controversial questions is facing a backlash. The comments of one of its co-hosts showed the host is too sensitive to insult, or worse.

She’s been on the show’s air since November, 1994, when it first aired on Fox. She’s been on the show since, making her opinions known for every other program.

In this case, it is “The View.”

To understand Mary Tyler Moore, you need to know one thing: She is the first woman to ever be a co-host of a top-rated TV talk show. You need to know that Ellen DeGeneres is the executive producer.

This is a woman without a show.

When I first heard the show, I thought it would be about talk about talk. The host, Mary Tyler Moore, is an attractive, intelligent woman with a great sense of humor and a

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