Kardashian’s comments on Trump’s rise sparked a backlash from Jewish leaders

Kardashian’s comments on Trump’s rise sparked a backlash from Jewish leaders

Kim Kardashian condemns Kanye West’s antisemitic remarks, stands with Jewish community

On Monday, West, who is scheduled to appear as a “special guest” at President Trump’s upcoming “AIPAC-America First” speech, sparked an uproar when he claimed “so-called Jews” were responsible for the rise of Trump. He also tweeted that “a portion of Jews are indeed very bad, and perhaps the bestial and most ignorant people on the face of the planet.”

“Kanye, why did you have to say that?” Kardashian interrupted Sunday night, adding he had “made so many Jews very angry.”

Kardashian and West have a notoriously strained relationship. They were once partners — the 36-year-old mother of three reportedly moved into West’s Los Angeles home before their divorce, and the pair have since appeared on one another’s reality shows — but their relationship soured in 2010 and now they have been estranged since West filed for divorce.

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“It is my understanding he is not Jewish and I am Jewish and I am fine with that – this is not about religion,” Kardashian commented.

“I think that he should use the time he has to focus on the lives the people. The people who voted for him, who support him and who are paying attention to what he says. And if he wants to be a part of that, that’s wonderful – and I’ll be his friend no matter what,” she continued.

Her comments prompted an immediate backlash from Jewish community leaders.

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“As a leader in the Jewish community, we are proud of the work and leadership of the thousands of interfaith and interreligious activists who worked for more than 20 years to build the Bridge United between Jews and Muslims, and for all people to see their differences as the strength it is,” Rabbi Noah Zinner, CEO of the Union for Reform Judaism, said.

“We will continue to stand with Kim while she recognizes Kanye West is not a friend to the Jewish community and needs to be held accountable for his anti-Semitic remarks and

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