Iran’s protests are the first since 1979

Iran’s protests are the first since 1979

England Beats Iran as Protests are Shunned

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Iran amid a rare nationwide protest against the country’s theocratic government.

The nationwide protest is the first anti-government rally since February of last year, when Iran held protests against a disputed presidential election. The demonstrations have also been called off but the government has said it will not bow to protests that can lead to violence.

This year’s protests will not be televised. Rather, protesters will use social media to speak out and they will call on people to join in. This is a first in Iran.

Iranian police have said they plan to use tear gas, pepper spray, and sound cannons against people who tried to storm the parliament building last week.

Iranian authorities have previously used tear gas, pepper spray, and sound cannons to break up demonstrations.

As protests against the government have grown, they have become a rare example of the regime’s actions not only being tolerated, but also being sanctioned.

This marks the first time since 1979 that Iran has allowed peaceful protests against the government. But as Iranian protesters have grown in numbers, there has been a sharp drop in the rate of official reports to the Iranian authorities.

The Iranian regime has said previously the protests are not being sanctioned, but has been reluctant to punish Iran’s hard-line, Revolutionary Guard-dominated government.

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