Elton John’s Dodger Stadium Experience is a New Experience

Elton John’s Dodger Stadium Experience is a New Experience

In a giant sing-along, the sun goes down on Elton John at Dodger Stadium.

The singer, who has been an LA Dodgers fan his entire life, stands in a box where two of his old baseball glove uniforms hang.

“Dodgers, my heroes, Dodgers,” Elton belts out, his deep baritone filling the stadium.

“They beat the Dodgers to me,” he says, referring to his childhood heroes.

It’s his last night in the city, but Elton John is ready to continue his Dodger tradition and meet all his old pals in the newly opened Dodger Stadium Experience.

We’ve covered the stadium a few times over the last few years, and the new Dodger Stadium Experience is exactly what it sounds like.

A giant screen fills the field, and it all begins with a giant screen showing an actual game from the Dodgers’ ’54 World Series victory over the Yankees. And then, it turns into a sort of grand prom night, complete with a full-blown Elton John “Dodger game,” a DJ, and even a champagne toast.

With two new stages, this is definitely an expansion that’s worth taking a second look at.

You can even find the classic “Dodgers in Hollywood” segment, where two young fans visit the Hall Of Fame and meet Hollywood’s legends.

New Dodger Stadium Experience

You can’t miss out on the new Dodger Stadium Experience, which opened recently on July 10.

The new experience isn’t just for the fans, though. You can tour the facility and check out the ballpark’s massive locker room. Each locker has its own locker room attendant, and there’s a separate concierge service to take care of anything you might need, such as food and directions.

It’s also the first time the new stadium has had a full-time concession store, which makes its debut on game day, complete with a full-service kitchen and bar, and plenty of drink options.

The stadium boasts a new retractable roof, which will open in 2020, and it’s been designed to host concerts, such as Elton John, the Rolling Stones, Metallica, and the Foo Fighters.

And the rest of the stadium will be open every day during the

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