Carter’s new publisher is working on a memoir without him

Carter's new publisher is working on a memoir without him

Aaron Carter memoir delayed amid pushback from singer’s publicist and Hilary Duff

It’s been a tumultuous time for the singer/actor/comedian, who had a book deal with Little, Brown and Company after a 2016 deal with Simon & Schuster, which ended with a “Dear Colleague” letter from the publisher. But now, according to multiple reports, his new publisher is working to put out the memoir without Carter.

Carter and his team of advisers, including music publisher Dan Halley, have been working to make a version of the book that will be closer to how Carter would want to see it as a performer, according to a source familiar with his negotiations.

That decision to keep the book under wraps has pushed back the book’s release date, according to a published report. It’s slated for December.

In a letter to the publisher obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, the singer’s representative told publisher Halley that he needed more time to complete the manuscript, which is to include the first several chapters of the memoir first. Halley then gave Carter until the end of the month to revise the book’s first section.

The first paragraph of the letter says Carter’s team thinks the book will be “a work of art” that will be released as soon as he completes a final draft.

As of now, it’s unclear what the publishing house might do with the memoir. The book is the first autobiography of a rock star in years and, as of now, it isn’t clear exactly how the publishing house would handle the book.

In a statement to THR, Little, Brown and Company said it was working on a “well-received publication proposal for the book” and that Carter’s publisher was “exploring various options and will be making further announcements when appropriate.”

It’s unclear what type of deal Little, Brown and Company is seeking with the memoir. Carter already has released two best-selling albums, “The Book of Richard Nixon” and “American Lion” (his latest album, “The Lion

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