Asian American Voters in Nevada

Asian American Voters in Nevada

Asian Americans in Nevada are highly sought-after voters for the coming Nevada elections, with a record number of Asian American voters registered for the state legislature and the U.S. House of Representatives. As Asian-American elected officials in Nevada increase, there is greater risk of a backlash from community members in terms of issues and campaigns. This study examines the relationship between political campaigns and Asian American citizens and voters in Nevada. It examines campaigns’ effectiveness in increasing voter turnout, and attempts to use campaign efforts that are most effective in Asian American communities to maximize turnout. Findings of this research will help legislators and candidates in the state understand how to communicate the importance of voting registration success stories to Asian American voters.

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RAD, J. (1994). Elections in the United States: Voters of color and policymaking. In K. R. T. Giammetta and L. C. H. Chan (eds.), Politics and voting reform in the United States: The political agenda of the National Asian American Coalition of Organizations (NAACO), pp. 29-31. Washington, D. C.: Asian Americans Advancing Justice.

Abstract: The Asian American community seeks to expand its voting strength in Nevada by registering voters. This study examines how Asian Americans, including those who do not vote, are recruited to register as voters in Nevada. The study analyzes how Asian American leaders in Nevada’s Asian American organizations and community leaders communicate and coordinate efforts for the expansion of Asian American voters. The study analyzes the effectiveness of Asian Americans on the Nevada state policymaking level for the expansion of registered Asian American voters. It discusses the relationship that has developed between the state and the Asian American community in Nevada for the growth of Asian American registered voters, and proposes strategies to maximize the number of registered Asian American voters in Nevada.


The Asian American community in Nevada has the largest Asian American population of any state in the United States. As of 1992, the Asian American population among the state’s residents was 23.9 percent (Kanayama, H. (1992). Ethnicity and population estimates for the U.S. by race

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