AOC Dances On Stage During a Protest

AOC Dances On Stage During a Protest

AOC dances on stage as protesters crash town hall to demand she ‘has got to go’

AOC dances on stage on Wednesday, during the town hall session that she was supposed to address. She was due to address all residents of New York City but was only able to address an entirely diverse group of protesters who had come in to protest for her to get out of town.

In early November, AOC met with thousands of people who protested outside of the Trump Tower in New York City over police brutality.

The video, which has been watched more than 1.7 million times, shows that a large portion of them, including some supporters, were not listening to what AOC was trying to say.

After AOC walked behind the podium and sat on the stage, she was about to speak but the moment turned sour. She started dancing along with the people who were standing around her stage, who were shouting at her to get on stage or to leave.

One protester held her by the collar and another one screamed at her.

AOC continued dancing while a group of women screamed at her.

AOC was not a leader of the group of women who surrounded her, nor was she the person who got them there. She was the one holding the microphone and addressing the people who were near her.

In the video she was dancing while protesters chanted her name and held signs that said, “Let me be heard!”

She danced in front of AOC’s protesters. Then they began to chant her name. She was still dancing when the group of women yelled, “Get off! Get off!”

AOC started dancing in front of the protesters, who yelled in her face, “You have got to go! We’re not leaving until you take a walk!”

The protesters were only there for AOC to speak to them.

After that, the protesters were escorted out of the venue and off of AOC’s feet.

Here’s a clip of AOC dancing before being escorted out of the “town hall” by protesters.

New York Police Commissioner James O’Neill told CNN that his officers intervened because of what

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