5 Things Democrats Need to Think About in the COVID Crisis

5 Things Democrats Need to Think About in the COVID Crisis

Republicans can’t miss the moment to hold COVID regimes accountable. They must be more assertive in the debate in the next few weeks, while the Democrats will be in the honeymoon phase of their anti-Trump resurgence.

The Democrats, meanwhile, can’t ignore the Trump administration. The president has to be on guard, as the president has to be on guard, as to how they are going to deal with these COVID crises. They need to ensure they are prepared to deal with all the challenges their COVID policies can create.

The Democrats are going to need to become more assertive. The Republicans are going to have to be more prudent. In order to deal with the challenges of the COVID crisis they will have to become more courageous.

To be sure, Democrats have played a role in the COVID crisis. They can’t, as they have done in the past, brush aside a crisis without taking a position.

There is also the issue that these Democrats have to think about what they want to get out of this “wins” they believe they have in these elections. They have to carefully assess, and not lose sight the most important thing: that the Republicans will not be on their side.

Here are the top five key issues that Democrats need to be more assertive on:

1. The first is the need to continue the fight to have access to healthcare. The Democrats can’t forget that. Democrats cannot afford to lose their leverage on healthcare. Obamacare, for example, is very popular, with a large majority of the American public. There should be no doubt about the fact that Democrats will continue to push for that issue.

2. There must be a clear position on what it will take to protect the social, democratic and ecological pillars of our country. Democrats need to ensure that the Democratic leadership is clear on how it will address this issue.

3. There is a need to ensure there is a new and different way of dealing with the COVID crisis. The Democrats, while they may not be able to move a lot of

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